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Shaykh al-Barzanji


Shaykh Muhammad ibn `Abdul Rasūl ibn `Abdul Sayyid al-`Alawī al-Husaynī al-Mūsawī al-Shaharzūrī al-Barzanjī, and thenceforth al-Madanī. He was born in Shahrzūr, a Kurdish town in Iraq on Friday, the 12th of Rabī al-Awwal, 1040 AH.  

Biography of Shaykh al-Barzanjī
Abu Hasan

Shaykh `Abdallah Sirajuddin


The Syrian city of Aleppo is famous for its rich history of Islamic scholarship; hence, it is often referred to as 'the city of scholars'. Aleppo is the cradle of many pious and leading scholars of Islam. Amongst them was the Friend and Gnostic of Allāh `azza wa-jall, `Allāma `Abdallāh Sirājuddīn al-Husaynī radiallāhu `anhu, an extraordinary scholar who dedicated his entire life to the service of Islām.

Shaykh `Abdallāh Sirājuddīn
The light of Aleppo
By Hamoudeh al-Halabi

Shaykh Muhammad Najib Sirajuddin


He was Muhammad Najīb Ibn al-Hāj Muhammad Ibn al-Hāj Yūsuf Sirājuddīn, an erudite scholar of hadīth, tafsīr, fiqh, usūl and `ilm al-kalām. The great Imām was born in 1857 (1274H), after his father had received glad tidings in a dream of his son's birth. His father had seen Shaykh Ahmad al-Tirmanīnī who made him wear his turban. Shaykh Muhammad's father related his dream to Shaykh Ahmad who told him that a son would be born to him who will eventually wear the turban. After Shaykh Muhammad Najīb's birth, his father took him to Shaykh Ahmad who made du`a for the child.


Shaykh Muhammad Najīb Sirājuddīn
By Shaykh Shoayb Ahmad




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