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Belief - `Aqidah

What is Meant When We Say Allah is Above What He Created


Know that when we say that Allah, Mighty and Majestic, is above what He has created that does not mean that He is above in terms of a physical place, or that He has risen above physical places by a certain distance and He supervises these places by applying Himself to something from them. Rather, our saying that He is above them carries two senses:

What is Meant When We Say Allah is Above What He Created
Imam Ibn Furak al-Shafi'i

Refuting the Pope

Details The Clear Message in Refutation of the Words of the Leader of the Christians

Here we find objection inevitable. Who is able to prove (to us) that Greek thought corresponds to the conclusions of the (sound) intellect? This premise cannot be proven in any form. Indeed the Islamic mutakallimin, those of Ahl al-Sunnah, have outlined the (correct) criticism of Greek thought and proven that there are many violations (within it) to the conclusions of intellect and logic.

Christians and Greek Philosophy
Shaykh Sa`īd Foudah

Assessment of the Division of Tawhid into Uluhiyya and Rububiyya


We have received many letters asking for the definition of tawhīd al-uluhiyya (Oneness of Allāh in Divinity) and tawhīd al-rububiyya (Oneness of Allāh in Lordship) and also in regards [the principle according] to which they were arranged, who it was that differentiated between them and the proof of its validity or invalidity.

Our reply, with the assistance of Allāh, is as follows:

Assessment of the Division of Tawhīd into Uluhiyya and Rububiyya
`Allāma Abū Mahāsin Jamāluddīn
Yūsuf bin Ahmad al-Dijwī al-Mālikī al-Azharī


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