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Jurisprudence - Fiqh

Tawassul and Istighatha


"He should turn to Allāh the Exalted in supplicating at their place (of burial) and frequently make tawassul through them unto Allāh the Exalted, because He, the Glorified and Exalted choose them, honored them, and ennobled them. So, just as He caused them to be a source of benefit in this world, so it will be in the hereafter, nay, even more. So, whoever has a need to be fulfilled, then let him go to them and make tawassul through them, for they are the intermediaries between Allāh the Exalted and His creation. It has been established in the Sacred Law, and Allāh the Exalted knows what He has vouchsafed to them of (Divine) care. That is abundant and well known."

Tawassul and Istighātha
Imām Ibn al-Hājj al-`Abdarī

Imam al-Ramli's Fatwa on Istighatha


The Imām was asked:

Regarding what occurs amongst the awwām who when in distress say "ya shaykh fulān" and "ya Rasūlullāh" and things like this from seeking aid (istighātha) with the Prophets and the Awliyā, the `Ulemā and the righteous, is this permitted or not? And do the Messengers, Prophets, Awliyā, the righteous, and the Mashayekh possess the ability to assist others after their deaths, and what strengthens that view?

Fatwa on Istighātha
Imām Shihāb al-Dīn al-Ramlī

How should the common man act ...


If there is no other Muftī in that city, it is obligatory for the common man (`āmmī) to turn towards that lone Muftī. If there are many, then he can ask whosoever he likes, as it is not necessary for him to seek the most knowledgeable amongst them. This was the practice in the time of Sahāba, when common folk would ask companions of every rank and they did not restrict themselves to just Abū Bakr, `Umar or other Caliphs.

How should the common man act ...
when faced with multiple opinions of scholars?
Imām Abū Hāmid al-Ghazālī


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