[So, when the night enveloped him, he saw a star. He said,] Compelling the disbelievers, for they used to worship idols and stars, venerate them and believe that all matters returned to them.  Thus he wished to point out to them their misguidance and guide them to the truth by means of contemplation (nazar) and deduction so he said.....

The Theological Implications of the Story of Ibrahim & the Stars
Qadi Thana`ullah al-Uthmani


« Say: What! Shall I seek a Lord other than Allah? And He is the Lord of all things; and no soul earns (evil) but against itself and no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another; then to your Lord is your return , so He will inform you of that in which you differed ».

Say: What! Shall I seek a Lord other than Allah?
Imām al-Rāzī


Tafsir Surat al-Kawthar
Diya al-Ummah, Al-Shaykh, Pir, Muhammad Karam Shah


Regarding God's statement (may He be exalted): 'He then established himself over the Throne'

He Then Established Himself Over the Throne
Imam al-Qurtubi