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O Allah, You are the First


"O Allāh, You are the first: there is nothing before You; and You are the last: there is nothing after You. You are the Manifest (al-Zāhir): there is nothing above You. You are the Hidden (al-Bātin): there is nothing below You."

O Allāh, You are the First
Explanation of a Hadīth on ascribing a place to Allāh
Imām al-Hāfidh al-Bayhāqī

O Slaves of Allah! Help Me!


"When one loses his means of transport in a (deserted) land, he should call: ‘O slaves of Allāh! Help me recover (my transport),' for there are many of Allāh's attendants on this earth. They will help you recover it."

O Slaves of Allāh! Help Me!
Shaykh Mahmūd Mamdūh




"They Hear What I Say"


Narrated `Ubayd ibn Ismā‎'īl, that Abū Usāma narrates from Hishām from his father that he said: It was mentioned in the presence of `A'ishah that Ibn `Umar elevates a report to (rafa'a) RasūlAllāh r that the dead are tormented when that person's relatives wail over them. She said: [tormented because of] of fright (wāhil). Verily RasūlAllāh r said that the dead man is punished for his mistakes and sins; and his relatives weep upon him now. And then she said: this is similar to what he [Ibn `Umar] has said [elsewhere, discussing funerals (al-janā'iz)]: Verily, RasūlAllāh r stood upon the pit (qalīb) where the polytheists killed in Badr were put and he did not say [as Ibn `Umar reports] "now they hear what I say"; rather he said "verily now they know [they realize] what I used to tell them is the truth." and then she recited the verses: "verily you cannot make the dead to hear" (Sūrat al-Naml 27:80; Sūrat al-Rūm 52) "and you cannot make them hear, those in their graves" (Sūrat al-Fāţir, v.22) He (`Urwa) said, "that is, when they are sent to hellfire."


'They Hear What I Say'
Imām Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalānī


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