The Attributes of Allah - Do Ash'aris Contradict Themselves?


Claim: You [the Ash`arīs, Maturīdīs] contradict yourselves. You affirm for Allāh Life, Power, Will, Knowledge, Speech, Hearing and Sight, while making ta`wīl (figurative interpretation) of istiwā (rising), nuzūl (descending), māji', ityān, wajh (face), yad (hand), sāq, qadam (foot), janb (side), `ayn (eye) and relocation in (various) levels. The basic rule with regards to the Attributes is one, so if you affirm the seven Attributes, what prevents you from affirming the rest? What is the difference? This is nothing less than contradiction.

The response to this consists of two points:

The Attributes of Allāh
Imām Taqīyyudīn al-Subkī



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