Fatwa of the Scholars of al-Azhar


The Imām and great scholar, the muhaddith, the renewer of the religion, Abū Muhammad, Mahmūd Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Khattāb, al-Subkī, al-Azharī, the founder of the Association of Islamic Law in Egypt, the author of al-manhal al-'athb al-mawrūd aharh sunan Abī Dāwūd, who died 1352 H, said in his book ithaf al-kā'ināt bi-bayān madhhab al-salaf wal khalaf fī al-mutashābihāt, page 2: 
Fatwa of the scholars of al-Azhar regarding the one who believes that Allāh settles in created things or that He has a direction
Shaykh Abū Muhammad Mahmūd Khattāb al-Subkī al-Azharī


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