The meaning of the word al-madad  varies with respect to the disparity of the intention of its proponent. 

With regards to the meaning of the word 'madad ', it has been mentioned in the ‘Lisān al-`Arab':

·          '
We have helped the nation,' that is, 'we have aided them with partisans and help.'
·          '
The leader supported his army with horses and men and he aided them,' and
·          'He granted them with lots of wealth and he made them wealthy.' 

: troops which affiliate with military expeditions [carried out] in the path of Allāh Ta`āla.

Imdād [:] is that one dispatches  aid (madad).

Imām Alfayawmī rahimahullāh said:
               'I aided him with help: I supported him and strengthened him by it.' 

Al-Madad: The Help
Shaykh Yūsuf Khattār Muhammad