If they [the Salafis] prohibit seeking the favor of Allah by mentioning the things He loves [ al-tawassul ] and seeking the help [ al-istighātha ] [of His creatures] and hold it to be shirk simply because it is tawassul and istighātha, then the complaint of one who has been wronged that he addresses to one who might grant him justice will be shirk, and a person’s seeking the help of someone else in the fulfillment of his personal affairs will be shirk, and a king’s seeking the help of his army in wars will be shirk, and the army’s seeking help from the king to obtain what it requires; in fact we can say that according to their supposition [that seeking the help of creatures is shirk ] that a students seeking the help of tradesmen and artisans which people cannot do without, and even a patient’s seeking the help of a doctor is shirk.