Monotheism: That the world has a Maker; [Who is] Pre-eternal; has always existed and will always exist; Whose existence is incumbent; Whose nonexistence is impossible. He is the Great; the Supreme; characterised with all the attributes of merit and free from all the bearings of shortcoming and inferiority. He is the Creator of all the creation; Knower of all [the types of] what is to know; Capable of [performing] all possibilities; Intender of all [the aspects of] existence; Alive; Beholder; there is no semblance to Him, none opposite to Him, none equal to Him, and none like Him . He has no associate in the incumbency of existence (wajib al-wujud); nor in the right of being worshipped, and nor in creating and determining [the affairs of the creation].

The Noble Creed (Al-`Aqida al-Hasana)
Imam Shah Waliyullah al-Dihlawi