He is ‘Abd al-Karīm b. Muḥammad Fattāḥ b. Muṣṭafā b. Sulaymān b. Muḥammad al-Kurdī al-Sharazūrī and was born in the region of Halabjah in Iraq in 1901. Raised under the guidance and care of his parents he began learning the Qur’ān from his father at the age of six, completing it in a short time. At the age of ten he began studying books in ‘Aqīda, rhetoric, Taṣrif al-Zanjānī and various other books in Arabic Grammar. He also studied the commentary to Alfiya Ibn Mālik by al-Suyūṭī under al-Ḥājj Mullā ‘Azīz who was the Imām of a mosque in the Suleimaniyah district.

Shaykh `Abd al-Karim al-Mudarris
Shoayb Ahmed