The Fasting Person Who Eats Before Maghrib

365. Mālik informed us: "Zayd b. Aslam informed us that `Umar b. al-Khaṭṭāb  broke the fast on a day of Ramaḍān, an overcast day, thinking evening had come, the sun having disappeared. A man came to him and said, `Amīr al-Mu'minīn, the sun has appeared. He said, 'It is simple; we had tried our best.'" 
Muḥammad said: "Whoever breaks the fast thinking that the sun has set, and then learns that it has not set, should not eat for the rest of that day, nor drink, and he must make up that day. That is the verdict of Abu Ḥanīfah, may Allah have mercy on him."
Shaykh `Abd al-Ḥayy al-Luknawī commenting on this added....... 
The Fasting Person Who Eats Before Maghrib
Shaykh `Abd al-Hayy al-Luknawi

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