Tawassul, Istighatha, and Tashaffu'


Know, that it is permissible and praiseworthy to perform tawassul, istighātha, and to seek intercession through the Prophet unto his Lord. The permissibility and desirability of this is from the matters that are well known among those who have dīn, and well known from the Prophets and Messengers, as well as the rest of the righteous salaf, scholars, and layman among the Muslims. Tawassul through the Prophet is permissible in every situation, both before his creation and after it in his time in the life of this world, as well as after his death in his time in the isthmus life, and after the resurrection on the day of reckoning and paradise.


Tawassul, Istighātha, and Tashaffu'
Imām Taqīyyudīn al-Subkī


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