To get to the point, I declare that Shaykh al-Albānī, may Allāh forgive him, is a man who is motivated by ulterior purposes and desire. If he sees a Hadīth or a report (āthar) that does not accord with his persuasion he straight away proceeds to foist it off as weak (da`īf). By using guile and deception he prevails upon his readers that he is right; whereas, he is wrong. Rather, he is a sinner and a hoodwinker. By such duplicity he has succeeded in misguiding his followers who trust him and think that he is right. One of those who has been deceived by him is Hamdī al-Salafī who edited al-mu`jam al-kabīr. He had the impudence to declare a rigorously authentic Hadīth weak (da`īf) because it did not go along with his sectarian dogmas just as it did not concur with the persuasion of his teacher [Shaykh]. The proof of that is that what he says about the Hadīths being weak is just what his Shaykh says.

Epistle in Refutation of al-Albānī
Tawassul & the Hadīth of the Man in Need
Shaykh `Abdullāh ibn Muhammad ibn al-Siddīq al-Ghumārī