On page 110, you mentioned regarding the words of `Umar rādiallāhu `anhu, "An excellent innovation," that the scholars who are considered all agreed that it refers to a linguistic innovation, i.e. something new. 

We want to know the source of this consensus because the commentators of Hadīth, including al-Qastallānī and Ibn Hajar in their commentary on the Sahīh al-Bukhārī, who are those who are trusted in Hadīth, agree that it is not a linguistic innovation, as you claim. You must look at the text of the Hadīth of al-Bukhārī from `Abdul Rahmān ibn `Abdul Qārī'.



An Excellent Innovation
Shaykh `Abdul Hayy al-`Amrawī and Shaykh `Abdul Karīm Murād