There has recently appeared in this age a group, new in their appearance, archaic in their principles, not following any one of the scholars except Ibn Taymiyah.  They sanctify his words and claim they are not imitating disciples of any one of the four schools of Islamic Law nor of any one of the known scholars of Islam who are sound and straight in belief.  They claim independence (from strict adherence to the four schools).  And they are truly not following any one of these great scholars, nay they are at opposition to them, and they utter things which none of those scholars have ever uttered.  Every one of these individuals harbors a hidden (and illegitimate) school of Islamic law within himself.  They are more ignorant than a goat in his barn.  They are dysfunctional in their minds.  They possess not the ability to form sound opinions regardless of how simple the issue may be.  And they consider themselves as upon clear guidance and truth and they exclude anyone who disagrees with them from Ahl al-Sunnah, while it is they who are excluded from this group.



An Analytical Viewpoint of the Divine Sciences in Contemporary Times
Shaykh Sa'id Foudah