Today we shall discuss a crucial issue harming Islam, as brought upon it by its enemies through the help of ignorant Muslims – namely, charging fellow Muslims with disbelief (takfīr) and declaring their blood and property unprotected. We live in the 15th century AH . There are numerous statements of our Prophet (asws) relating to the afflictions of our time and its discord (fitna). We find narrations in Muslim’s Saḥīḥ and other Ḥadīth masters’ books on bloodshed between the Muslims which are now taking place in our age. Before we get to the point of this discussion it is incumbent to say that the practice of takfīr has its roots in the previous century and our century has only witnessed its increase. Labeling others with disbelief has been made a tool by some ignorant people to justify the abuse and killing of Muslims and to seize their wealth.

A Warning Against Careless Accusations of Disbelief
Shaykh Alihaji Sayidhusseinov