1. All Praise be to Allah, the One who pours forth His generosity and His favour; praise that complies with [the multitude of] His blessings.
  2. He whose command to us prevails, to obey and have conscious awareness of Him according to our ability.
  3. May Allah send prayers and peace upon the best of all men, and upon his family, his Companions, and those who come after them.
  4. It is my hope that this naẓm assists in extinguishing the fire of fitna.
  5. That it increases whoever hears it or sees it, in his being endowed with a reminder and enlightened
  6. Its subject matter is advising all the people of the age to honour those in charge of their affairs.
  7. In it is a subtle directing/pointing towards sublime character.
  8. Before dwelling on the subject, it is necessary to explain some of the considerations concerning ruling.

Advising Today’s People To Honour Those in Charge of Their Affairs
Shaykh Muḥammad al-Ḥasan ibn Aḥmad al-Khadīm