The Debate with al-Albani


In this preview from al-Lā Madhhabiyya we intend to focus specifically on the debate with Shaykh Muhammad Nāsiruddīn al-Albānī which ‘Salafi publications' referred to as ‘Imam al-Albani's Subjugation of al-Buti.' This was further described in their article as "A summarised transcript of a meeting that took place between Imaam al-Albani and al-Buti and in which al-Buti was left with nowhere to turn. Includes a discussion of taqlid, madhhabs etc." Unfortunately, nine years on, a response in English remained lacking, and many may have been misled into believing a false outcome of the debate which had occurred. What had been presented by ‘Salafi Publications' was, of course, not the complete story.


The Debate with Shaykh Nāsiruddīn al-Albānī
Dr. Shaykh Muhammad Sa‘īd Ramadān al-Būtī


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