Sacred Law Has Both a Form and a Reality


Praise be to Allāh Most High and peace be upon His chosen servants. 

Know that the Sacred Law has both a form and a reality.  The form of the Sacred Law entails the fulfillment of the rulings encompassed by it after having belief in Allāh Most High and His Messenger and in all that has come from Allāh Most High (i.e. as revelation and all that it requires). Faith (imān) co-existing with the nafs al-`amāra and its admixed disputation (munāzaha), licentiousness (ibāha), transgression (tughyān) and denial (inkār) is simply a form of faith.  Likewise ritual prayer (salāh) and ritual fasting (sawm) with their prerequisites and integrals are similarly simply forms of ritual prayer and ritual fasting.  In this vein follow the other rulings encompassed by the Sacred Law.


Sacred Law Has Both a Form and a Reality
Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī



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