The branching out of secrets in exposition of the meaning of benedictions upon the Chosen Prophet


It was requested from the great master of the Path, famous for the transmission of the invocation of the Supreme Divine Name, Mawlānā Abu'l Abbās Shaykh Sīdī Ahmad ibn Mustafa al-`Alawī al-Mustaghānimī, may Allah grant us and the Muslims his good-pleasure and extend his life, that he compose some words dealing with the prayer of benediction (salawāt) upon the Prophet [sallallahu `alahyi wa sallam], explicating its profound meanings. So he responded to this request - may Allah be ever-pleased with him - saying:

The Branching Out of Secrets in the Exposition of the Meaning of Benedictions Upon the Chosen Prophet
Shaykh Abu'l Abbās Ahmad ibn Mustafa al-`Alawī


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