al-HamdulillAhi alladhI ja'ala awwala d-dIni ma'rifatahu thumma ma'rifata takAlIfihi wa-aHkAmihi Z-ZAhirati wa l-bATinati thumma ma'rifata 'ulAmA'ihi al-'AmilIna

I have found rare gems and hidden treasures buried in
May this web-portal be one of those blessed means and tools on the 'Alam al-Internet for the public to benefit from the guidance of the blessed Ulema: for unlike monetary value, what they inherit from them can only increase in value! May this service be the Safinat al-Naja or Life Boat for those poor souls lost in the WWW's deep, unsupervised ocean concerning the inherited practices and traditions from Islamic theology, law and spirituality! May this truly be a source of beneficial 'Ilm and true Ma'rifa, of Knowledge and Realization, so that it reflects the following wisdom passed on by countless authorized guardians from this Umma: al-'ilmu fI S-SudUri lA fI s-suTUri!

The one yearning for His Ma'rifa and Mercy,

- [shaykh] Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti