All praise is due to Allāh, the Sustainer of [all] the worlds, and may blessings be upon the leader of [all] the Messengers, Muhammad, [upon] his family and [upon] all of his Companions. This is the Book of the Testament (kitāb al-wasiyya) by the Greatest Imām (al-imam al-azam) Abū Hanīfa, Allāh have mercy on him. When the Imām of the Muslims fell ill with a sever e illness, he gathered around himself his companions and his pupils and they desired from him a testament [based] upon the path of the Sunnah . So, he ordered his servant that he sit him up, and his servant sat behind his back and he propped him against himself. Thereafter, he, Allāh have mercy on him, said :


Kitāb al-Wasiyya
Book of the Testament
Imām Abū Hanīfa