The claim that Ahlul Sunnah do not know but of an "orphan-like proof". The opponent said:

"Affirming the Existence of All āh
It is well known that the way of the Salaf was that His subhānahu wa-ta`ālā existence, is a matter of Fitra that is necessarily known, and that the proofs for that in the universe, the persons self, the signs (in the creation), and the horizon, and revelation are too great to be enumerate, for [as the poet said]: In everything there is a sign (pointing) to Him and a proof for Him As for the Ash`arīs, they have an orphan-like proof and that is the proof of: emergence and pre-eter nity (Hudūth wal-Qidam)."

Response to Opponents of the School of Imām Abūl Hasan al-Ash`arī
The Claim of An Orphan-Like Proof
Shaykh Ghayth bin `Abdullāh al-Ghālī