Some people look to the disagreements among the Muslims as impending threats and dangers that must be eradicated, and that they are harms that lead the Umma to its own destruction. We hold a dissenting viewpoint and say that even though the existence of well-considered disagreements between the major sects results in some harms, it results in greater benefits overall. The most important of these benefits is constant investigation and continua l research into these fundamentals. This in turn results in competition in refuting the obfuscations of the external opponents who do not belong to the religion – as Imam al-Ghazali said when he argued with the philosophers: “I am not addressing you with the tongue of the Ash‘arīs alone; I am addressing you with the tongue of all the Islamic sects entire: all of them are united against you.”

Modern Salafism & Its Effect On Muslim Disunity
By Shaykh Sa`id Foudah