His full name is al-Ḥajj al-Yazīd al-Bujrāfī. His shaykh, Moulay Sulaymān, gave him the name al-Buzīdī. One day, he said to the assembled fuqarā: 'We have changed this disciple's name from 'al-Yazīd'; do not call him by this name from this day forth. Rather, say 'al-Būzīdī'; for our master, Sīdī Moulay al-'Arabī al-Darqāwī, had a disciple named Sīdī al-Buzīdī al-Ghumārī, who was the inheritor of his secret, as the Shaykh himself stated clearly. Also, the Shaykh of our Shaykh al-'Allāwī radīallahu 'anhu was named Sīdī Ḥamū al-Būzīdī; in our time, too, we have our own Būzīdī!' Changing a name for a better one has a precedent in the Prophetic Sunnah. When the fuqarā heard these words from Shaykh Moulay Sulaymān they held a great and blessed gathering to celebrate the new name. After that, the Shaykh was known to all and sundry by the name al-Būzīdī radīallahu 'anhu.

Shaykh Sīdī al-Būzīdī al-Bujrāfī
Translated with notes and additions by Khalid Williams